I’ve just passed the Google Adwords exam for the first time! I’m really impressed with myself since I’ve only used a few features of the campaign management before. I spent Monday and most of today revising, then took the exam straight away.

Most of the questions were fine; some were a little ambiguous, some were about things I hadn’t even heard of, one question had a duplicated answer (they were all multiple choice).. I think the duplicated answer was the correct one, so I chose the first one in the list. XD Other than that, they were pretty straight forward and easy to work out. Thankfully there weren’t many CPC or Quality Score calculation-based questions, because I kept getting the calculations muddled up~

I’m pleased with my result as well, since I managed to score 86%! ^^ All I used was:

  • the Adwords Learning Center: I watched all the video tutorials in order. Other exam advise has said that it’s better to read through the text tutorials. They both cover the same information.
  • took all the quizzes from the Learning Center, from both the video and text sections. Some are slightly different, but repeating the same information is obviously still beneficial! I took the entire quiz three times. I feel like I know it off by heart. T_T
  • during the exam, I kept My Client Center open and my version of the Adwords Editor programme (although there were no questions on this) – just for reference. It was an open-book exam!

Yeah, so technically it shouldn’t take longer than 2 days to revise and take the exam! The qualification expires in a year though, hopefully I can be just as smug next year. :p

I have a McFly gig report to write up, so I’ll try to make that my next post. :3