Image: Eddie

[singlepic id=1 w=80 float=left] Here’s a quick picture of my labrador, Eddie!

This is him lying in our lounge with a chew toy, pretending he’s never ever naughty and he always looks this cute and innocent. Vince has just told me I’ve got to credit him for taking it..

Click on the thumbnail for the full size pic.

2 Responses to Image: Eddie

  1. Mallory says:

    Hey Sarah!

    I read what happened with your databases … Ouch! e__e; That seriously sucks you accidentally deleted the main database, haha … But look what’s come of it, an awesome new blog! =3;

    Awww @ Eddie, what a cutie! I like when dogs get that ‘what’d I do? I’m cute! I can do no harm, really!’ look about them. XD;

    • Sarah says:

      I know v_v I couldn’t believe I’d actually deleted it without realising. I suppose it’ll make me backup more often..

      Hee, I know! Yeah but he really is naughty XD;

      Thanks for commenting. You’re a wonderful friend, affiliate and commenter <3