Once again, I’m too busy with work and offline jazz to come online. I’ve recently got a new phone which has wifi access, so I’ve been updating Twitter with that – apart from that, I haven’t even visited Livejournal! I’m gonna have to make it a habit of mine to update at least once a week here. Every Saturday or Sunday would be ideal if I could remember to do it..

Talking about work and life, unless it’s particularly dramatic or unusual, is pretty boring. So, I’ll talk about my fandoms and any rants I have going from now on. The very few (lovely) people who read this are probably the only people who will listen to me babble about fandoms, etc anyway :p

My latest fandom is Harry Potter. I know, I’m a bit late.. But I’ve always liked the films, and so I saw The Half-Blood Prince the day it came out, then went back to see it again, twice. After that, I felt like I needed to know what happened next, so I bought the box set of books from Amazon. XD So far, I’ve read The Deathly Hallows (which I loved to pieces), The Philosopher’s Stone and The Chamber of Secrets. I’m currently reading The Prisoner of Azkaban, which is one of my favourites from the films.

I’ve never really like Harry Potter the character, but even he’s growing on me. I’ve always liked Ron, Hermione, Luna and Hagrid~ I even know a few spells! It’s really started to capture my imagination. I have to say, the books are better than the films. But I think that’s nearly always the case with films based on books. Although the parts that are different in the films, either added or altered scenes, do maintain the overall atmosphere of the books, which is great.

As for other fandoms.. I’m still loving McFly. x) They’re teasing us about their ’secret projects’ at the moment, mainly over on Twitter. I’m sure it’ll all be worth the wait..

And then Merlin’s back on the BBC! And it’s on tonight! Maybe I should post about that on Sundays..