We’ll stick together as we’re trippin’ down the freeway

So I thought I’d write something about Raditude, Weezer’s new album. Overall, I like it and there’s a good few songs that I could play over and over. And then there’s one song that I won’t be listening to again.

01. (If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To 5/5
This is the first single from the album which I’ve already said I really like. It’s catchy, upbeat and sounds Weezer-ish.
02. I’m Your Daddy 3/5
A little repetitive but it’s still got a good rhythm.
03. The Girl Got Hot 5/5
Despite the subject of this song, I think it’s got a really good beat and I like the “oooooh oh” bits.
04. Can’t Stop Partying (featuring Lil Wayne) 1/5
Do not like. I actually think it’s a pretty rubbish song. While the chorus is alright, the remainder of the song is just not what I expect from a band with a back catalog like Weezer’s. Will probably never listen to this again. :/
05. Put Me Back Together 3/5
Not too bad, really nice pop melody going on. Not too keen on the chorus, but the overall song is alright.
06. Trippin’ Down the Freeway 5/5
One of my favourites from the album – it flows really well throughout and I love the solo.
07. Love Is the Answer 3/5
This is quite good, I think the Indian style and vocals compliment the whole song, but then the song itself just sounds boring.
08. Let It All Hang Out 4/5
Love love love the guitar in this and it’s got a retro Weezer feel about it which is always good.
09. In the Mall 4/5
The lyrics are a little silly, but I quite like that. It’s got a good beat and it’s pretty easy to listen to.
10. I Don’t Want to Let You Go 5/5
This is also one of my favourites. I really love the melody, the lyrics and the build up to the second half of the song. I love cheesy songs, and the “baa baa”s towards the end make this song for me. x)
11. Get Me Some 4/5
I like the heavy rock beat and guitars in this, and the solo is great.
12. Run Over by a Truck 4/5
I love the jazzy feel of this, with the piano and the bass line. Really catchy and fun to listen to.
13. The Prettiest Girl in the Whole Wide World 5/5
Really like the beat, guitars, lyrics. Just a really nice song. Fast becoming my favourite off the whole album.
14. The Underdogs 3/5
I don’t think I’ve given this enough listens, so I can see it growing on me in time. At the moment I’m enjoying the chorus a lot, but I just don’t seem to be listening to it as much as the other tracks. It seems to rely too much on the lyrics.

So I think overall I’ll given Raditude a 4/5. That seems higher than I expected, but I think that’s just because of my dislike for Can’t Stop Partying.

2 Responses to We’ll stick together as we’re trippin’ down the freeway

  1. Mallory says:

    I’m thinkin’ that I’m not gonna like track number four, either — And that’s just going by who the song features.

    I mean, seriously! I can’t believe Weezer did a compilation with Lil’ Wayne! -_-; I am most definitely not a fan of rap, haha … I mean, occasionally I’ll like a rap song’s beat now and again, but nowadays that’s seemingly all anyone listens to … Rap, rap, R&B, and more rap.

    Borrrrring! ;She falls asleep in her chair, snoring.;

    • Sarah says:

      Haha, yep that’s pretty much what I think too! The only rap that Iisten to is stuff like Linkin Park. I’m all for Weezer exploring their musical direction or whatever, but they could at least avoid mundane rap music.