Don’t tell me romance is dead

We saw Paloma Faith on Wednesday at the Liverpool Philharmonic. It was my dad’s idea, as he likes a few of her singles (New York and Stone Cold Sober) – I do like her voice and her music but not enough to go and see her live – but seeing her live has definitely converted me into a fan. She was brilliant! I hadn’t heard most of the album songs but I still enjoyed them just as much as the more popular numbers. I’ve since been listening to her full album.

I especially enjoyed Romance Is Dead, where she pulled someone from the audience and serenaded them. Such a pretty song too, probably my favourite from her album. Doesn’t look like anyone’s uploaded this song from Liverpool, but here’s the same song at a Dublin gig:


I also loved the remixed version of Do You Want The Truth or Something Beautiful? – again, can’t find a video from Liverpool but here’s the same song:


She was supported by Elviin, who was also impressive. I bought his CD (since it was only £2!) 🙂

The weather has been fantastic this weekend (it actually went above 20c) so I’ve been out shopping in Southport today. I bought these cute heels from TK Maxx:

I also tried to buy Red Dead Redemption, but everywhere is sold out. >_< It's getting amazing reviews, so I'll be ordering it off Amazon if I don't spot it while I'm shopping next week. I have next week off from work so I might just update here more than once!

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