I’m going try and update here at least once a week, hopefully on Friday nights. Vince takes over the TV then anyway. T_T Even if I have nothing interesting to say, I’ll find something to update about.

This weekend we’re probably going to the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry, which should be fun. I don’t think I’ve ever been before, maybe when I was a kid. I’m looking forward to seeing the Planetarium and they seem to have a lot about all the local train history which will be interesting. I haven’t been to a science museum for years! Hopefully the weather will be good too.

This week I went swimming for the first time in ages. I enjoyed it, but I was knackered after 15 minutes. x_x So I’m planning to go once a week from now on to build my stamina and fitness up. I wouldn’t mind losing some weight too. I’d go more often but I can’t fit it in~ I leave for work too early in the morning to swim then, and I get in around 18:45 so I hardly have time then either. I’ll see how I get on next week! The pool is only a 5 minute drive from where I live so I was planning to have a 30-45 minute swim every week – then I still have the rest of the evening to relax~

So it was the Election results day in the UK today. I’m pretty disappointed with the results, I thought the Lib Dems would’ve got a lot more seats than they did. I’m also surprised the Tories got as many as they did. But I suppose a hung parliament is as interesting as it gets.

Thinking of buying The Sims 3 and putting it on my MacBook. I’ve never played a game on my Mac before, but I imagine it’ll handle it pretty well. I’ve always loved playing The Sims :3

I should start posting more pictures here – at least then I’d have something more interesting to talk about!