So in my last post I said I’d be buying Red Dead Redemption for the Xbox if I could find it. It was sold out in all my local game stores a few days after its release – but I finally found it in Tesco! I didn’t want to order it online because that would mean waiting at least another 2 more days to play the game. >_< I wasn't sure about getting it at first, mainly because I'm not a big gunplay fan and I don't really like anything to do with hunting animals (a big part of the game.. if you want it to be). But I got it anyway because I trust Rockstar that much: I've really enjoyed all the recent GTA games. I'm so glad I decided to get it - it's amazing.

The graphics and visuals are breathtaking. There’s a variety of different terrains, roads, plains to travel across and they all look stunning. This is enhanced by the fact that you travel almost everywhere on horseback. It’s so much fun, sometimes I play the game just to gallop around on my horse for a while and see what I can find.

Basically, anything that makes a great game is in Red Dead Redemption – but what makes it for me is the main character, John Marston. I’m not sure if this is because I never really have high expectations for Rockstar’s main characters so I was easily impressed by this one – I’ve never been that fond of any GTA character with the exception of CJ from San Andreas. I think liking the main character, the character you play/control, is one of the main things that keeps you coming back to the game and gives you the motivation to progress the storyline.

Marston is great to play. I love his whole attitude, his storyline, the way he reacts to the rubbish situations he’s put into – and he has manners! He’s one of the most likable video game characters I’ve ever played. He’s equally badass, intelligent and at times even romantic. I like him so much I’ve added him as a header in this website’s theme…

I haven’t finished the main game yet, but I really don’t want it to end. It’s a fantastic game and I can see myself putting lots of hours into it.


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