Went to see McFly for the 9th time last night. 😀 They played at Wigan Haigh Hall, which was awesome as it’s only 30 minutes from me. They played their Radio:Active set for the final time but with a twist in the middle – Tom and Danny did a short acoustic set.

Since it was a Monday the earliest we could get there was 7pm (I normally try to get to standing gigs at midday/mid afternoon.) I thought we weren’t going to be able to get near the stage, but we managed to get a pretty decent spot at the back of the crowd on Tom’s side. While we were waiting for the support to come on and leave, we laid on the grass and pretended to watch the clouds, but they weren’t much to look at since there was just one big slightly grey, threatening-to-rain cloud.. But it was still fun. 😉 And we had ice creams!

They promised us new songs from now on so I’m really looking forward to that! The only new thing they showed us was their new logo, although they did play a fraction of a second of a new song – although apparently that was too much. Pfft! Hopefully we’ve not got long to wait.

Something else I’m really looking forward to is Toy Story 3 later this month. How come we have to wait longer for this in the UK? I want to see it now! I love Ken already – can’t wait to see all the Barbie/Ken moments!


I’ve now got the Red Dead Redemption soundtrack as my new driving music, so I can pretend I’m riding my horse chasing after a bounty as I drive down the M62! >D

2 Responses to Gigan

  1. Mallory says:

    OMG, I can’t believe you’ve seen McFly so many times in the past! =3; Nine times in total now is freakin’ epic — When I see Green Day it’ll only have been my third time, meep. I feel like a lamer fan, LOL.

    Although nine times is normal compared to some people who literally follow a band around on a world tour … I honestly have no clue how they have the money or the time to do something like that, though. o_O;

    And I haven’t seen Toy Story 3 yet, as I’m not really interested in it … I kinda wished they had’ve stopped after the first movie, y’know?! Now it’s becoming annoyingly milked, just like Shrek … e_e; But then again, I’m not that big of a Disney fan aside from a few of the ‘classics’ and ‘newer classics’. Hmm! x_x;

    • Sarah says:

      Well, McFly gig near me a lot (and I LOVE them for it! XD) so I get a lot of chances to see them.. But yes, I’ve seen them probably too many times.. I keep seeing the same setlist over and over, but I never get tired of seeing them. :3

      I know, I can’t understand how people have the money to follow bands around the world. I’d rather travel the world to see different bands all over the place!

      Meep, I have to disagree. Mainly because I’m a huge Disney fangirl. xD Toy Story 3 made me cry for like 24 hours…