Happy New Year! 😀

I’ve been trying to update this blog by slowly adding to a draft post I was making, and then I was going to publish it as soon as I had enough to post about – but that didn’t work. I’ve had a draft open since November last year and I’ve only ever added two sentences to it. I’ll have to figure out a better way to make myself update.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas and New Years! I did, and it was made even better by getting an awesome Christmas card from Mallory~! :3 I never had time to send any overseas cards and I was super busy 2 weeks before Christmas and then the week after that I was snowed in. Not very good excuses – I will make sure I send out things like this 3 weeks before Christmas!

I got (and hopefully gave) lots of brilliant presents – I got loads of different chocolatey presents, lots of socks (which I actually needed!), Toy Story 3 on DVD, cute Pandora style charms, a few cool camera accessories for my SLR, a set a Coke Lip Smacker lip balms, a few scarves and some Ed Hardy Eternal Love perfume & body lotion, amongst other things!

I also got the first three books in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series by Michelle Paver which I’m reading now. I found the fourth book in T J Maxx when we were in the states last year for $0.60 and really enjoyed it~ I only bought it to read on the plane on the way home 😀

Now I only have a few more days of holiday before I go back to work and I’ve caught a bad cold/flu thing >_< I'm always ill when I'm on holiday!