Happy New Year

Happy New Year! 😀

I’ve been trying to update this blog by slowly adding to a draft post I was making, and then I was going to publish it as soon as I had enough to post about – but that didn’t work. I’ve had a draft open since November last year and I’ve only ever added two sentences to it. I’ll have to figure out a better way to make myself update.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas and New Years! I did, and it was made even better by getting an awesome Christmas card from Mallory~! :3 I never had time to send any overseas cards and I was super busy 2 weeks before Christmas and then the week after that I was snowed in. Not very good excuses – I will make sure I send out things like this 3 weeks before Christmas!

I got (and hopefully gave) lots of brilliant presents – I got loads of different chocolatey presents, lots of socks (which I actually needed!), Toy Story 3 on DVD, cute Pandora style charms, a few cool camera accessories for my SLR, a set a Coke Lip Smacker lip balms, a few scarves and some Ed Hardy Eternal Love perfume & body lotion, amongst other things!

I also got the first three books in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series by Michelle Paver which I’m reading now. I found the fourth book in T J Maxx when we were in the states last year for $0.60 and really enjoyed it~ I only bought it to read on the plane on the way home 😀

Now I only have a few more days of holiday before I go back to work and I’ve caught a bad cold/flu thing >_< I'm always ill when I'm on holiday!

2 Responses to Happy New Year

  1. Steph says:

    Happy (belated) new year!

    I’m glad you had a great Christmas/new year holiday. Mine was also pretty good…a bit tiring, relaxing, and also filled with chocolate goods xD For new years, I went to my first sort of stereotypical college party (though I don’t think half of them are even going >_>), and thought it was just meh, but the experience was interesting. It was actually kind of nice to bring in the new year a different way than I usually do 😛

    I know it’s been a few days since your post, but I hope you’re feeling better from your cold/flu thing <3 Being sick sucks!

    • Sarah says:

      I’m glad you had a good time at your first college party! Well, at least you found it interesting.. I don’t really enjoy typical parties like that either but it depends who you’re with. If you’re with friends then everything normally turns out OK!

      Thanks. It lasted ages, it was rubbish! Hope you’re doing well <3