Nail varnish & birthday

I really like this nail varnish. It’s a lovely peachy colour – I love the way it almost blends my nails with my fingers.

I’m 23 today.. Not feeling old yet! I’m very lucky – I got an iPod touch 🙂 love it so far! I’m posting this from the WordPress app I’ve just installed~

Time for a film fest I think…

2 Responses to Nail varnish & birthday

  1. Steph says:

    Happy birthday~ Hope you had an amazing day!

    That is a really pretty color! I just painted mine a sparkly pink today, but I’m not really feeling it anymore. I’m too indecisive with nail polish. Like when I think I’m in the mood for a certain color and then go on to paint my nails, I find that throughout the day I’ll get bored with the color I’ve settled for and want to paint them all over again 😡

    Take care ♥

    • Sarah says:


      I have trouble deciding which colour to use in the first place xD; so I’ll spend ages choosing one and change my mind at the last minute!