For the McFly 30 Day Challenge:

The first song I heard by McFly was Five Colours in Her Hair – their first single. I’ve always tried to keep up with the top 40 so obviously I heard their first single when it came out. I’ve got to be honest.. whilst I did like the song, I tried my hardest not to like McFly just to avoid breaking my heavy-rock-listener reputation. This was ridiculous and I just wish I’d admitted to loving McFly sooner than I did.

The first song that I admitted to liking was All About You – I bought the single and played it over and over and over.

And the song that really grabbed my attention and made me finally admit I was a hardcore fan was Sorry’s Not Good Enough. I could not longer hide it and since then I have not missed an album, tweet, single or appearance. 😀

I took that slightly further than the first song I ever heard…