Day 15 | Flones dedication post

For the McFly 30 Day Challenge:

Flones = Fletcher/Jones which is Tom and Danny! One of the things I love most about this band is that they are pro-slash, ha! They unashamedly touch, kiss, lick and hug each other much to the glee of their fans. 🙂 They even have official Flones and Pudd t-shirts.. as in official band merchandise t-shirts! <3 As a big slash fan I know how frustrating it is when there is a naturally cute pairing in a fandom but no truth to the slash.. with McFly it doesn’t end at fanfiction. XD

Anyway, Tom and Danny make up one of the best pairings in the band. I think pictures probably sum it up best… (All pictures found on WeHeartIt.)

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