For the McFly 30 Day Challenge:

01. Lies

One of the best songs from the album – it’s a funky, catchy rock song with a great singalong chorus and a fantastic base line. Fantastic live! There’s also a few dance remixes that are fun to dance along to.

02. One for the Radio

This song names and shames all the haters and closet fans. More great riffs and catchy lyrics make for another great arena anthem.

03. Everybody Knows

One of my least favourite songs off the album but still fun to listen to. Another great live rock song to dance around to but I never really listen to it at home.

04. Do Ya

One of my all time favourite McFly songs – has very cute lyrics and a bouncy rhythm. It’s made up of one verse and a chorus which is repeated, each time going up a key. Fantastic vocals and leaves you feeling very upbeat. Will have you singing along in no time, especially because you’ll know the lyrics after the second verse! Love the drums in this one too.

05. Falling In Love

A lovely slow rock song lead by an acoustic guitar. Very relaxing to listen to and will help chill you out.

06. POV

Great power ballad with bold vocals. Uses the quiet/loud dynamic with quiet verses and explosive chorus.

07. Corrupted

Fantastic guitars in this one. Probably one of the fastest songs on the album with some great lyrics. Really fun live.

08. Smile
Lovely upbeat pop-rock number that will have you clicking your fingers! They recently played this live at the last arena tour. When the song started they threw big beach balls into the crowd to make it extra fun!

09. The End

One of the slower songs on the album but very easy to listen to with simple lyrics and powerful chorus.

10. Going Through the Motions

A fun, heavy rock song with silly lyrics and fantastic guitars. One of my favourites!

11. Down Goes Another One

This has an amazing guitar solo. Don’t really like the lyrics but that may just be because I can’t relate to them so much – otherwise the music is great making this one of the album’s best songs.

12. Only The Strong Survive

Can never choose between this or Do Ya when picking my favourite from this album. Catchy guitars make this a great driving song.

13. The Last Song

One of my favourites to hear live – has lots of different sections that it moves through before coming to a climax. Reminds me of how Queen songs are put together. A great way to end the album!

I adore this album and I really hope McFly bring out more stuff like this. One of the things I enjoy most about their music is the lovely harmonies and fun guitar riffs. Bringing in some heavier guitars and drums just makes it better. Don’t like comparing them to other artists, but obvious influences for this album were The Beach Boys, Queen, Bruce Springsteen and a bit of Green Day. All good stuff!