Weezer, London

So I was very lucky to see one of my favourite bands of all time live this week – Weezer! They were more amazing live than I ever imagined and I’m so, so glad I got to see them in London. I honestly thought I’d have to plan a trip to the States if I ever wanted to see them. The set list included so many of my favourite songs – I even love the two cover songs they did! I’ve been listening to Weezer since senior school and it was SO GOOD to see them in the UK. I really hope they come back soon (and maybe come a little further north than London..).


2 Responses to Weezer, London

  1. Steph says:

    That’s awesome that they came to the UK so you could see them! 😀 For my birthday my boyfriend surprised me with tickets to see them in Seattle next month, so I’m pretty excited about finally being able to go to one of their shows. I’m glad to read that you had such a great time and that they were amazing live…it makes me look forward to seeing them that much more!

    Take care~ ♥

    • Sarah says:

      Yes, I was so happy!

      That’s such an awesome birthday present! Yeah they were fantastic live, really entertaining. Rivers gets close to the audience and they were throwing loads of stuff away at the end (drumsticks etc).

      Hope you enjoy it – I’m sure you will! ♥