Budget Bucket List

OK, so hardly anything on my bucket list can be done on a small budget, but I’ve been invited to enter a competition run by moneysupermarket to write about something on my bucket list that wouldn’t cost the Earth but would give me lifelong memories. I thought it seemed like a good excuse to write a post so here goes..

Budget Item: Learn Japanese

I was going to go with ‘have a baby’ for this as technically that costs nothing, but I guess it gets expensive after you’ve had a the baby so I don’t think it counts. Every since I first played Pokemon on my Gameboy years and years ago, I’ve loved Japanese pop culture. I started reading manga, watching anime and listening to Japanese music. All of which is fine, but it’d be a lot better if I knew Japanese. I’d love to be able to watch anime before it’s been translated, or be able to sing along better to Gackt. This is my budget item because while I’d probably learn better if I had a teacher or went on a course, there’s plenty of free, teach-yourself resources on the Internet and there’s even free apps that I’ve used in the past to try and get started. The only thing stopping me is having the time to do it.

Not-so Budget Item: Visiting all 50 US states

I love the US and try to visit as much as I can (and I feel very lucky to have been able to go so mnay times), but it’s going to take a lot of summer holidays to tick off every state. I’ve already been to a few of the harder to reach states (Hawaii & Alaska) so I’m hoping that gives me a greater chance of actually doing this, but it’s definitely not going to be cheap. Even so, I do think something like this can be done on a budget, and whilst it might not be the smallest of budgets I think it’s easy to control your spendings when it comes to holidays. Just things like buying your plane tickets when they’re more likely to be cheaper, staying at budget hotels, visiting the local tourist information office on your first day to grab their offers/vouchers for accommodation and food, it all helps.

As part of the rules for this competition I need to tag three other bloggers, so here goes: Dean, Vuong and Saki.

2 Responses to Budget Bucket List

  1. I drove across the country once. It was such an amazing experience. Even though I didn’t see all 50 states I’ve been to quite a bit. The road trip was awesome to see how different each state was and how diverse the culture is. It was awesome!

    Good luck!

    • Sarah says:

      That sounds amazing! It would be great to do a massive road trip all round the mainland. I’d love to be able to do that over a couple of months or something.

      Thanks! Good luck to you too!