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Weezer, London

So I was very lucky to see one of my favourite bands of all time live this week – Weezer! They were more amazing live than I ever imagined and I’m so, so glad I got to see them in London. I honestly thought I’d have to plan a trip to the States if I ever wanted to see them. The set list included so many of my favourite songs – I even love the two cover songs they did! I’ve been listening to Weezer since senior school and it was SO GOOD to see them in the UK. I really hope they come back soon (and maybe come a little further north than London..).


Deathly Hallows Part 2


Can’t wait for this~ But also terrified of the whole franchise coming to an end!


Vince and I recently went to Spain for a spring holiday and to see his family. I took this photo while we were on the back of his dad’s trike~

Day 20 | Whatever tickles your fancy

For the McFly 30 Day Challenge:

Hmm, OK.. How about my favourite gig I’ve been to? I’ve loved every McFly gig I’ve ever been to but I think one that will always stand out is a gig they did in Nantwich in 2008. Vince and I went down early to get near the front in standing. The organisers weren’t happy with everyone queuing up so early, so we decided to find something to do until we could go back.

It was amazing weather so we went for a drive and found a maze on a nearby farm 😀 This was ridiculously fun and took up a few hours. We got some lunch and then went back to que for McFly. We were eventually let into the field where the stage was – we ended up 4 rows from the front on Tom’s side.

Go:Audio and Reemer were supporting – both had some great catchy tunes and were great warm-ups for McFly. McFly were playing through their Radio:Active setlist which was new at the time. It’s definitely one of the best gigs I’ve been to <3