I bought the domain name sekai.co.uk from LCN on April 24, 2003. It redirected people to my Freewebs blog for one year, but I’ve always wanted my own webspace. So in April 2004 I bought hosting for it.

My current hosting is with a company called Web Hosting UK; they’re fast and reliable and their hosting accounts use cPanel, so they’re really easy to use.


The word “sekai” is Japanese for “world”. Pretty random, I know. But I thought it sounded quite cool with the suffix .co.uk.

When I was naming my domain, I was reading through different song lyrics. And when I think back to the reason I chose “sekai”, it may have been because of the last line of Gackt’s “memories”. Kono sekai ga kuchihatetemo (Even if the world falls to ruins). And then that makes me think it was You-kun’s fault because of a certain quote of his, to Gackt. <.< So… there is actually a meaning behind sekai.co.uk.