I’ve been making websites since 2000, starting with site builders and working my way up to content management systems.

My first website was called “Aipom’s Apple Tree”, a Pokemon fansite made on Freeserve’s site builder (now called Wanadoo; which has now been taken over by Orange. That’s how long it’s been.) After owning it for a few months, I realised that the site builder wasn’t as good as I originally thought, and I discovered a little thing called HTML. I taught myself a bit of coding using this site, and as I got used to it I knew quite a lot off by heart.

I made an account on Angelfire and moved my site there. The ads started to annoy me, so I then moved to FreeWebs. After being on FreeWebs for a while I decided I should get my own webhosting and that’s when this site was born!