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Weddings, layouts…

I really need to update here more often, because when massive things happen in my life I really have no good excuse for not updating!

On February 5th, Vince and I got engaged! February 5th was our 7th anniversary so we went up to the Lakes for the weekend. We got there late afternoon and it had been snowing quite heavily, so we decided to turn back around and go home instead of potentially getting snowed in! So to make up for it, Vince took us to the Formby pine woods, which is where he popped the question…

So now we have the huge, intimidating task of planning our wedding. We’re hoping to get married next year, assuming we have the money. It’s so exciting (and stressful)!

Also, and completely unrelated, this blog has a new sidebar that I’ve been practicing my jQuery skills on. I’m also thinking of changing the background to a slideshow, or at least changing the image regularly.

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Vince and I recently went to Spain for a spring holiday and to see his family. I took this photo while we were on the back of his dad’s trike~

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