By Rikku
Couple: Gackt/You
Warning: Shouen ai
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Humour, fluff, romance
Description: What do you do when you're bored?...You annoy your lover.


You turned the next page of the book he was reading, making a soft ‘hn’ sound to indicate that he was listening. One hand was holding his novel while the other was resting on top of his desk, idly playing with his bookmark. He was leaning against a chair, legs crossed, as he patiently waited for his friend to speak again.

“I’m bored.”

He stopped playing with his bookmark as it slipped off from his fingers. He tore his eyes away from the book he was reading and looked up. Gackt was lying on his bed with those pretty blue eyes starring blankly at the ceiling. He was wearing a casual dark red shirt and black jeans which seemed a bit too long for him. His shirt was wrinkled on the edges and was pulled up a little, slightly revealing those pale hips. A few strands of his short blonde hair were tangled and was still wet from the shower he took a few minutes ago. In You’s perspective, Gackt looked up a pretty doll that was sprawled on his bed.

“I thought you were doing something,” You spoke. It’s rare of Gackt to say ‘I’m bored,’ to him, or to anyone else. Usually, he busied himself with his music, shows that he have to attend to, anything that deals with his career. When he has a day off from work, he would often go out for the full-day or easily find something to do in his apartment.

“Nnn. I was only lying here for at least,” Gackt paused and looked away from the ceiling, tilting his head to the side to read the clock hung on the wall, “fifteen minutes.”

“Whatever. Just find something to do,” You replied as he resumed in reading his book. He ran a hand through his short light brown hair, tucking a few strands back in order to see clearer. The other frowned and sat up. “I can’t find anything else to do,” Gackt complained…or actually lied. He did found something to do and that’s to grab his lover’s attention. However, he was doing an unsuccessful job at the moment all because of that stupid…book.

You didn’t reply back and didn’t bother looking up again. He was reading intently for he did not wanting to miss a single word. Gackt sighed and stood up. He strode over to where You was sitting and wrapped his arms from behind. He felt disappointed that his actions didn’t affect You. He didn’t tense, didn’t flinch, nothing…just kept on reading. “You..,” Gackt whined softly in his ear as he rest his chin on You’s left shoulder.

“Gackt, it’s eleven-thirty at night.”


“Go to sleep..”

“Mm, not without you,” Gackt purred as an idea crossed his mind. He let his fingers trace You’s collarbone, then slid one hand underneath his shirt slowly. The other hand simply clutched onto You’s black shirt. You shivered slightly at his touch but his eyes were still glued onto the book.

“Gackt, stop. I---ah!” You gasped as he felt Gackt’s cold fingers brushed his nipple. His breath hitched as he felt those fingers starting to roam lower. ‘Sweet, finally got a reaction from him,’ Gackt thought and grinned. Before he could slide his hand lower, You’s free hand grasped his thin wrist.

“I want to finish reading this chapter,” You finished his sentence as he pulled Gackt’s hand out of his shirt effortlessly. “Couldn’t you read later? The words aren’t going to disappear,” Gackt reasoned as he gave a small pout. You’s eyes were on the novel still. One hand tugged on You’s sleeve, hoping that he’ll at least look at him.

“It might, when you’re around,” You responded and turned to the next page. Gackt stopped tugging at You’s sleeve and thought about it. He was right. This wasn’t the first time when You’s too absorbed in reading. Half a year ago, it took him so much effort to make You put down one of his books and get him to bed. He was so frustrated that in the morning before You woke up, he quietly got out of bed and chuck the book out of the window. Though, after that incident, Gackt couldn’t do that anymore because You now locks up all his books either in his desk or some top shelf where he can’t reach and only You can. Besides, even if Gackt can find a way to reach the top shelf, he needs the key to unlock it and You’s an expert in hiding it. It’s probably laying in this room…somewhere.

“You, please? I need you now..,” Gackt whined again as his lips brushed You’s ear gently. His grin widened as he felt You shivered again. Oh, second reaction. He tugged at You’s sleeve as an attempt to pull his lover out from his chair. However, You stubbornly stayed at where he was sitting and still was looking at the book. Gackt was starting to wonder if he was going to get laid or not tonight.

“Then you’ll have to wait until I’m done reading,” You replied casually as his free hand brushed Gackt’s left cheek. He didn’t need to look up when he did that, which was a bad sign for Gackt. “Done reading..?” Gackt repeated the last phrase and moaned, “That’s going to take forever..”

“Then get use to it.”

“Fine! How many more pages left?”



“…twenty-seven more pages left, sweetie…”

Gackt groaned and let his arms slipped off You’s body. He gave up. You’s not going to stop reading and his last mocking sentence confirmed it. He sulkily strode back to You’s bed and fell forward. In a second, he lay on the bed limply as his face was buried on a pillow and his hands clutched onto the tangled sheets. Damn…the first time he felt so bad because he couldn’t get You’s attention. Worse of all, he just lost to some crappy book. You’s probably smirking now for he always had this interest to torture him once in a while…bastard.

Gackt turned himself over and resumed in starring at the ceiling. Guessing that he wouldn’t be having fun tonight, he may as well take You’s earlier advice and sleep. It wasn’t him who always had to grab You’s attention. Usually, it was You who did all the grabbing and dragging. Almost everyday, Gackt would want to continue to work on his music and didn’t mind staying up late at night. You would have to put his effort to grab Gackt’s attention, not wanting his best friend to get sick or have any lack of sleep. Though, You always succeed and it never takes long to get Gackt into bed because he’s either too tired to protest or needs You. Those nights when You seduced him in bed, when all Gackt could think of at that moment was him, when he breathed out his lover’s name,”…You…”

You blinked and finally looked away from his book in order to take a glimpse at Gackt. His lover was starring back at the ceiling but this time, his eyes weren’t blank. They seemed…dreamy? Great, his mind is probably off to his dreamland. He was about to turn his attention back to his novel, but he heard his name being called out again. It was a quiet whisper but clear enough for You to hear. He frowned and looked back at his book, knowing how Gackt’s daydreaming can sometimes get disturbing. Pretty dolls tend to be annoying, particularly this one.

But Gackt didn’t care that he was starting to disturb You from reading. All he cared was how good it felt to hear You’s name coming out from his lips. For once, he thought that You was a pretty name. He playfully tugged at the tangled sheets beneath him. He said his name again and giggled softly.

You freaked out when he heard Gackt giggle. He was starting to lose his concentration in reading , paranoid at what his lover is thinking about him in that twisted mind. A minute passed and Gackt didn’t say a word. You hoped that that was the last time he heard his name. Before he could let out a relieved sigh, Gackt resumed in calling out his name, only this time saying his name in a non-stop chant manner…shit, he was about to snap…

Gackt had his eyes closed and took a staggered breath. But before he could continue, he heard a sound of a book being slapped shut. He stopped his chant and blinked. He tilted his head to the side and looked at his lover. You was resting his forehead on his free hand, his lean frame hunched over. His eyes were closed and his face expression looked perplexed. His other hand was clasped on the now closed novel, his arm hanging loosely on his side. “Daijoubu [1], Yo—“

“Don’t,” You immediately cut off loud enough before Gackt could finish his question, “say my name.”

Gackt sat up and turned his body so that he’s facing him. “ Why not? It’s a pretty name,” Gackt protested as it was his turn to look perplexed.

“Cause I heard enough.”

“Eh?” Gackt began to smooth out the sheets with one of his hands. “ Then I guess I’ll say your last name instead.”

“Shimatta! [2] T-that’s not what I meant,” You stammered and sat up straight, but Gackt didn’t seem to pay attention to him or didn’t hear that.

“Demo [3], Kurosaki doesn’t sound that good as your first name…and it’s long,” Gackt replied dreamily, his eyes not focused on You but rather nothing in particular.

“Damn it Gackt, don’t you get it? I can’t read while you’re here chanting my name---“


“Ah—see?! Didn’t you just listen to what I said? I can’t concentrate---“

“ No, it’s not that!”

“Then what?”

“…You forgot to place your bookmark at where you left off before closing the book,” Gackt answered and pointing at the thick book that You was holding.

You blinked and starred at his book. He groaned and let it dropped on the floor. He took off his reading glasses and placed them on his desk, breathing out a sigh. He placed a hand on his forehead as if trying to get rid of a headache while he silently thought of a way how to keep his lover’s mouth shut. Gackt smiled innocently, his eyes showing a glint of hope. He wondered if he finally had You’s full attention now. Wanting to test that thought, he did a mental countdown.





You instantly got out from his seat and tackled Gackt, kissing him firmly on the lips before Gackt to say anything else. The smaller man moaned and let You carefully pushed him down so that he was lying on the bed without breaking the kiss. Gackt felt himself lighten up. Finally, he got You’s attention. So he is going to get laid tonight, sweet!

A couple of days later…



“..I’m bored.”


~owari~ [4]

[1] Are you alright

[2] Damn it!

[3] But…

[4] End. ( I’m sure everyone knows that but just in case since it’s Japanese. ^-~ )