Fansite for You from Gackt's support band

About YOU

You Name: You (pronounced ‘yuu’)

The name You has many meanings, including kindness, gentleness and superiority.

Position in GacktJOB: Rhythm guitar and violin

Birthday: 10th February (year is most likely 1973)

Blood type: A

Height: 186cm (or 6’2″)

Weight: 60-62kg (or 132-136lbs)

From: Kansai region, Japan (either Shiga prefecture or Kyoto)

Guitar Model: Caparison and Mercury

Hobbies: cooking, riding his motorcycle, martial arts, snowboarding, bowling, photography, reading manga


Fragrance: his favourite fragrance is Jean Paul Gaultier. Gaultier is very sweet. In fact, it actually smells like sweets. It’s really strong and makes you feel light-headed. And the men’s fragrance smells the same as the women’s, in my opinion. Remember that commercial with the guy in a sailor’s suit? He walks up to the girl, kisses her and then they turn into perfume bottles. XD Something like that. Well, that’s Jean Paul.

Food: his favourite food is yaki-udon (fried noodles). When Gackt asked why he liked them, he said it was because they lasted for a long time (in your stomach, keeping you full). He’s always cooking yaki-udon too.

Cigerette brand: Up until 2006/05/31, You was quite a heavy smoker. He smoked Reds Marlboro. However, he has now quit smoking with the help of supportive friends, Gackt and this non-smoking book. Well done, You!

Sport: I gather from everything that Gackt says, You looooves to snowboard. He can do a 360 in the air and probably a lot of other nifty tricks. He also taught Gackt to snowboard. I’ve also learnt that he likes to play tennis, bowling, baseball and a bunch of other sports as well. No wonder he’s so skinny.

Car: You has a two door, red BMW. That could be anything from the 6 Series to the Roadster. It’s most likely the Roadster, since they’re so popular. This is just an observation of mine, but I’m guessing Gackt bought him this car for his birthday. If that is the case, he’s had it since 2002.


This is my favourite~ fufufu You has designed a couple of bracelets with Monkey-act-web. All You-related things can be found under the WithMAD section of the site.

The last bracelet on the this page he designed in 2003. It also tells you how to order these accessories on the site.

He also designed an earring in 2004, which can be seen here; and a pendant, which can be seen here.Earring

You has made comments on the bracelets, saying the bracelets were his first collaboration with Monkey, and that it took a long time to design them. Monkey also says something about You being a great guitarist and violinist and that You wears the bracelets.

As for the comments on the earring, I can’t make much out of it other than it’s made of silver.

You’s page can be found here, along with the order instructions. (Psst.. my birthday is February 25th. ;D)

He’s also designed other pieces of jewelery for h-Darts, including earrings, bracelets and necklaces. His latest design is a bracelet titled “Earth”, which can be seen here, and details are here. The cost of the bracelet is about 37 or $69(US), according to Google.

Official Site is You’s official site. It contains a short discography and gallery, links, etc. He also has a diary here.

Apart from that, he’s mentioned on the Caparison site, and Monkey-act-web.