Fansite for You from Gackt's support band


Excluding the magazine which had an article about CAINS:FEEL; You first appeared in the Shoxx May 1999 issue. Since then he’s been in many different types of media.


– Lyric booklet that comes with Gackt’s MOON album.

– Lyric booklet that comes with Gackt’s The Sixth Day album. (Only one page; ANOTHER WORLD XD;)

– Lyric booklet that comes with Gackt’s The Seventh Night album.

DVD and Video

– Promotional Videos: Mirror, ANOTHER WORLD, Juunigatsu no love song, Black Stone and Redemption.

– Gekkou.

Life video, from Soyokaze.

– Platinum Boxes II, III, V, VI and VII.

– You also played Jun in Moon Child.


– Gackt’s Mizerable ~Unmei~ photobook.

– All of Gackt’s tour document photobooks (The Gift, Just Bring it! etc).

– The MOON tour pamphlet.

– The The Sixth Day & Seventh Night tour pamphlet, along with the other members of JOB.

– UV 100 magazine.

– The Crescent side of The Air Moon.

– Gackt File 1999-2004.


– he’s in a few of the Dears fan club videos.

– he’s been seen with Gackt in interviews before. Sadly, I don’t know which ones.

– he’s been on Gackt’s radio show. (But only because Gackt invited him and he didn’t want to go home yet… Then again, why wouldn’t he want to go?) Gackt also took a picture of him there, and they had quite an… interesting conversation.

– Modeling jewelery on h-Darts.

– he’s been mentioned in a lot of books, such as the MOON side of The Air Moon and Jihaku, sans pictures. I’m afraid to list them though. I’m sure there’s a lot more than I know of.

– he was in the Executive Monthly CM & the making of. He’s sitting at the bar talking to a girl, sat next to him. (check out the Screen Captures section.)