Fansite for You from Gackt's support band


You’s second/third(?) band was called “CAINS:FEEL”. He played the guitar, and as you might already know, Gackt was the vocalist. I believe Ren, former bassist of GacktJOB, was also in this band. They were very popular in Kyoto at the time, and there’s a picture of them at this site, You being the guy holding the white guitar, and the one with the messed up hair on the bottom picture.

They formed in 1989, and disbanded in 1995. However, they made a demo tape in 1995:

The tracks included;

1. lie [sample]

2. MARINE BLUE no kazeni dakarete [sample]

3. Etude [sample] [lyric translation]

Solitude ~regret~ may also have been on this demo tape, but I’m not entirely sure.

If you would like full versions of the songs, you can request them for a download through the tagboard or whatever.

First performance with Gackt

As I’m sure you all know and have downloaded and watched this clip a million times (or was that just me?), Gackt and You performed hanashitaku wa nai,originally by T-Bolan, on the Happy Xmas show 2003, with You on the guitar and Gackt singing. Ten years before then, around Christmas time, Gackt and You performed hanashitaku wa nai in Kamogawa, Kyoto. It was their first performance together. Gackt’s girlfriend at the time had dumped him and therefore he was alone for Christmas Eve and Day. You asked Gackt if he’d sing along to him playing guitar, so he was not alone. Gackt refused as You had a girlfriend at the time. However You insisted on playing in the street. Gackt still has a vivid memory of their first performance together, and often mentions it in interviews around Christmas time. He always says how nice it was of You to give up his Christmas for him.

If you’ve never seen this clip, you can watch it on YouTube; ask me; or check a p2p programme. I highly recommend it. Especially if you like watching You stare at Gackt… and you have to love the little grin Gackt shows at the end.