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Gackt & You

Ah, my favourite couple section of this site.

Meeting Gackt

Gackt wrote about how he met You in his autobiography. He’s mentioned in Section 2: Kakusei, Chapter 4: “Hatsu Bando CAIN’S FEEL”. There are translations on Cool Like Plastic. Or, if you can read kanji, then why not buy it?

I didn't think I'd ever say this... Gackt has a better hairstyle than You! o_O;; Bascially, while Gackt was in Kyoto he visited a livehouse where a live performance was being held. He was quite taken with one of the guitarists, so he asked around about the live event. In Gackt’s autobiography, he says that at first You and him didn’t have a very pleasant relationship. Gackt thought You wanted to fight, because You was glaring at him. You walked up to Gackt saying “Gla.. glasses! Glasses!” XD So, it turns out that he was glaring at Gackt because he couldn’t see him clearly. They ended up fighting anyway after Gackt asked You about the live event. At first, Gackt didn’t believe that he was the guitarist, so You took him to his house to show him pictures proving that it was him. They became friends and decided to form a band. They needed a vocalist, and since there was no one else, You asked Gackt to do it. After more fighting (O_o), You was the first person to tell Gackt he had a good voice. So if it wasn’t for You, Gackt wouldn’t be so popular, huh.


You is very loyal to Gackt. He once said to Gackt, “Even if you lose everything and fall into Hell, I will always be by your side.” That is just the sweetest thing ever. A kind of loyality called love, ya? (I watch way too much Excel Saga…)

From the MOON tour book thingerSomething else I’d like to mention is what Gackt said about You once. I can’t remember where I first read this, but it was something along the lines of, “I know what you think… Because You and I are always together, live together, sleep together, you think that we’re gay, don’t you? Myself, I’d rather say that You is my soulmate. I prefer to say it this way.”

Sometimes, when I’m attempting to understand Japanese fansites, I see You described as Gackt’s healer, Gackt’s wife; and how they were destined to meet one another. It’s really cute.

Here’s some random quotes from Gackt, either to You or about You. Bare in mind that these “quotes” are translations from Japanese either by myself or others, so they are of course not direct quotations. And as when anything is translated, the intended meaning is often lost. Having said that, most are easy to interpret!

“I first met him 10 years ago… It’s been 10 years already. He rode his big motorbike just like a prince on a white horse, and riding behind, I was the princess.”

“He really is… amazing.”

“We ain’t gay!”

“Well, isn’t he cute? See that smile? No one can really blame him.”

“See, this guy You… Well, he is a very kawaii person.”

“He’ll say Happy Birthday to me… maybe around 28th of July.”

“Oh, please! You don’t have to get that excited…”

“Watch out for his charming, innocent smile, girls.”

“Isn’t he such a good looking guy?”

“… I’ll always continue to love him.”

“Even if one day in the future, you cannot see with your eyes, I will be happy to be your eyes! Also, if one day my waist cannot work, you must have to be my waist!”

“And my oldest friend. My best friend, his name is You!”

I wonder if Gackt ever says anything bad about You…

“Clean the damn toilet from time to time!” xD!

The last few quotes were taken from the 2004 tour MC’s. Translations by Gloria can be seen here.

The adventures of You and Gackt…

*cheesey theme music* XD Yah, anyway…

From Jougen no TsukiAround Kagen no Tsuki time, Gackt and You were out for a drive. You was driving, and they were looking for a toilet. When they eventually found one You ran over it with the car. Baka~

About the same time as the toilet incident, You made a pass at a ‘sexy person’ by beating her in the stomach and lifting her up on his shoulder. He then carried her over to Gackt and said, “Here Gaku, I brought a pretty girl for you~~”.

Gackt talks about You a lot on his radio show, and one day I will get around to making some translations. Right now, I know that he’s said You is interesting, cute… and if you put the 52nd show into an online translator, it looks as if he said something about You being naked. xD Although, this is from an online translator… also known as “random translated words that have nothing to do with the thing you were trying to translate”. Another time You told Gackt to stop talking about their personal relationship.

Gackt takes You with him to watch… humans. He finds it fascinating when a beautiful girl is with an ugly man, and is determined to find out why she likes this guy so much. I wonder why he takes You with him to do that?

You know those printclub photo booths? (This reminds me so much of Love Hina XD) Proof that You and Gackt are made of ultimate dorkiness; You wanted to take pictures in a printclub photo booth with Gackt. So he put some money in, they took pictures… but when they were printed You wouldn’t let Gackt see them. And he still hasn’t let him see them to this day. ^^; I wonder why…

In Gackt’s The Air Moon document book, the author says something about Gackt and You kissing. ^.^ If the day ever comes when I can read kanji, I promise to translate it and plaster it everywhere. xD While I’m talking about The Air Moon book, has anyone realised how many times You is mentioned? If only I could read Japanese. *starts to wonder why she actually bought the book in the first place*

Mirror liveIf you’ve seen the Mars tour DVD, you’ll know that Gackt hopped off to France in the middle of the tour. xD He took You and Masa with him, and they went out into the city at night. Gackt found You laughing with the local people, even though he only speaks Japanese. Gackt listened into their conversation and heard You say in Japanese, “AHAHAHAHA! I have no idea what the hell you’re saying, you dork!” xD!

Ever wondered what the inspiration for Another World was? Um, probably not… but it has Gackt/You-i-ness. ^.^; While in Hawaii, Gackt and You went for a drive. On the way it began to rain, and they both agreed it was a beautiful scene. Tada; interesting, no? ^^’ Anyway, if you are interested, the translated interview can be found at Muse.

Apologies from your webmistress

I should probably apologise for my Gakuyuu biased.. um, ness. I’m obsessed and I can’t really help that. xD But I don’t want anyone leaving my site thinking that Gackt and You are definitely a couple. And I don’t want people going about telling everyone how gay they both are. No one knows but Gackt and You themselves.

Gackt does call You his brother, which kind of says they’re not partners. And he does say that they don’t have a “borrow-the-hip-from-each-other relationship”. XD But a lot of what Gackt says can be taken in different ways. One thing’s certain; they do love each other very much, no matter what kind of love it is.