Fansite for You from Gackt's support band


– all throughout his online diary cute, little daikons appear behind plates, on top of his laptop, etc. in his daily pictures. He reckons he resembles the Takara and Kiddy Land character, Aokubi Daikon. A daikon is a large radish. Wikipedia can tell you a lot more than me.

– he lives with Gackt (most of the time?).

– he raps in Dybbuk, the introduction track from Gackt’s Crescent album. I think he starts, then Yosh (Dancer and choreographer, I think. If not, then it’s a different Yosh.) raps, and it goes on like that until Gackt sings.

– he’s short-sighted. Apparently, his prescription is 0.02 (which I presume means -2, because I’m a -1.52 and I can see pretty well without my glasses ^^;). Not to worry though, Gackt said if You lost his eyesight, he would be his eyes. You can see him wearing his glasses towards the end of the making of 12 gatsu no love song PV. He has the same frames as Gackt (I think they’re called “elegance”).

– he’s right handed.

– he’s Gackt’s soulmate (says Gackt!).

– he calls Gackt “Gaku-chan”. Gackt claims that You is one of the only people that’s allowed to call him that.

– Gackt says You never listens to anything he says.

– he sleeps like a girl… whatever that means. He often wakes up at the wrong end of the bed, too.

– his left ear is pierced twice.

– fans call him “Grapefruit boy” because of Gackt’s Mizerable ~Unmei~ photobook, “Big Brother You” (You-ni-san), a pole (denchu) because he’s tall and quiet. And of course, they also call him a robot.

– he has the most beautiful smile!*_*

– the day before the concert on 02.07.02, You read through the whole of the manga, City Hunter. There are over 30 volumes! You makes a habit of reading through a whole manga series in one go.

– he brought Masa to tears when he turned up at the first Spiky live.

– Chacha is always trying to get his attention! It’s kind of amusing, really.

– he’s a big fan favourite. I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t like him. The fans are also very important to him.

– he hides from the camera during lives. T’is annoying. Especially when you’re trying to take screencaps.

– Gackt has described You’s character as being like “water”.

– he seems quiet, and maybe shy. I get the impression he doesn’t like being in the limelight; this could be because he just doesn’t like it, or he’s easily embarassed?

– he’s mentioned in Gackt’s autobiography. I believe the whole chapter should be called “You”, since nearly all of it is about him anyway.

– he is a very understanding person.

– he makes friends from all over the world, even though he only speaks Japanese.

This is just here for your viewing pleasure, because I don't have a picture of him snowboarding..

– he’s a really good snowboarder, according to Gackt.

– it’s said that You has a different rhythm to the other band members. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not, since he is the rhythm guitarist.

– he seems to have a very bad memory. He tends to forget birthdays, he forgets to clean the toilet… and he goes for walks then forgets to come back.

– he has an older sister.

– he’s very fond of Gackt’s dog, Belle.

– Gackt once claimed that he would marry You.

– Gackt has also said that talking with You cheers him up if he’s feeling down.

– he follows Gackt around… haha. No, Gackt makes him go wherever he goes… Nyah, they’re always together. XD