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Birthday 2003

I decided, since I seem to have so much information on You’s birthday 2003, why not make a seperate page for it? Yup.

Where, when and who?

Where? – It happened on Gackt’s radio show… urm, in the studio.

When? – February 10th, 2003. Surprisingly.

Who? – All of GacktJOB and crew.


Here’s a translation on the radio show, sent to me by Sei-chan.

Gackt: ^__^ Today itís YOU’S birthday!! Thatís why we made a program especially for him, itís dedicated to love!! So, phone us and tell us
directly your love-problems… You and I will answer!!

*Everything went normal and calm until this last girl phoned…*

Girl: -__- Hi… you see, Iíve got a big problem… I went out with a boy, and he was nice and everything… but when he drank
he changed entirely, he got violent and uncontrollable, he pushed me and made me do things that you canít even imagine…

Gackt: O_O Thatís terrible! *everybody in the studio : O_O!*

Girl: Yes… well… but… but this boy Iím talking about… is a member of your band…


*Chacha&You = O___________O!*

Gackt: O_o Bu… But… Who do you mean…?

Girl: -_-….he plays guitar…

Gackt: *looks over to You and Chacha* O_O b…but… this canít be anybody else but…

Chacha: O_o Donít look at me…

You: O_o But… But itís IMPOSSIBLE that itís ME !! ~~you know it…~~

Gackt: We will see my pretty one… Describe him…

Girl: He is very tall… and we met after a concert…

Gackt: O___o You say heís very tall? So it can only be You… O__O *Gackt looks over to You seriously*

You: WHAAAAAAAAAAT!?? SHEíS LYING!! Itís …>__< itís totally IMPOSSIBLE!!~>_< no no nooo!! Gackt (stressed): …>_< we will see... what you say is enormous... you canít phone and say this if you canít prove it... so weíll see... right now we are enregistering a new song for our next album, and nobody knows it so far... of course only the members of my band... but if itís true what you said about You, you should know this song, donít you? You: NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOO NOOOOO >___< I REALLY donít know her O_O Gakuchan!! Believe meeee~~O_O sheís lying sheís lying sheís LYING >________< ITíS WRONG!! I donít know her!! *nearly dying* The girl, totally self-confident: Of course I know this song…

You: ….>____< But this isnít RIGHT! Gaaaackt!! >_< believe meeeeee!! Sheís a liar! Donít believe her! I donít know who she is! Itís impossible!! IMPOSSIBLE!! >_< NOOO!! Gackt: Very well. Sing this song…


So a lot of people and all of the staff arrive in the room with a cake and sing Happy Birthday for You. ^o^

You: (O_____O) *still shocked*

And the studio was full of people who sang for him ~ And You was still trembling all over~

Gackt: ^^ This was my gift for your birthday, did you like it?

You: (O____O) huh… yes?

Gackt: ^^ I just wanted to watch your face in a situation like this… ^^ It was so funny! ^o^

You: … (O___O)

Gackt: ^_____^ But the best thing… was your smile when you understood that it was only a joke. ^^ It was perfect… Like I thought it would be. ^o^

You: –_____– why meeeeee?!

Gackt (to the audience): Well… so this was my surprise for You… I wanted him to open up every now and then… and I prepared everything very careful… because heís always with me he would have noticed something… so it was very difficult… Even Chacha and the others didnít know… ^^ I just told the staff members right before the program started so that there would be no problem! ^_^ It was good!

You: –____– Sniff~

Gackt: ~^_______^ But you canít imagine the way he laughed when he understood everything! =^_^= Itís… hmm… the best thing in the world… I work only to see it!!

You: ah really?

Gackt: ^_^ Well… I know that it was a bit of a risk as well because I had no idea how You would react… ^^ But well…

You: ^_^ you are very nice, thank you…. Hmmm…

The cake

The “cake” that You received is shown below. If anyone’s wondering where I got this from, I snagged it off the ANN site.