Fansite for You from Gackt's support band



Uncontrol, Emu ~ for my dear & Mirror [All Night Nippon; Sonna no Arena, August 2003]

U+K (Intro), Papa Lapped a Pap Lopped, Mirror & Another World [All Night Nippon; Sonna no Arena, 21.08.04]

Mizerable [CDTV 10th Anniversary Live Special, 04.02.03]

Mirror & Another World [Digital Dream Live, 01.12.01]

Kimi ni Aitakute [Music Station, 08.10.04]

Kimi ni Aitakute [Sokuhou! Uta no Daijiten, 10.11.04]

Mirror (Seventh Night version) [Bokurano Ongaku]

Starlight Gig 2000

Thank you, Torabara.

Executive Monthly CM & Making of Promotional Video

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Not sure where this video is from... but obviously it was when they were filming the Mirror PV ^^; Last Song performance at Kohaku, 31.12.03 Vanilla on Heyx3