Fansite for You from Gackt's support band

Moon Child (film)

If you didn’t know, or didn’t realise, You was in Moon Child, Gackt and Hyde’s movie that came out sometime in 2003. You played Jun (the guy with the dreadlocks braids odd hair style) part of Sho’s gang. I guess he could be hard to recognise as you hardly see his face, he’s on screen for maybe one minute; half of which he’s either hiding behind his.. hair, or bouncing around. ^^; BUT, it is indeed him, as seen in the credits.

If you haven’t seen Moon Child and you don’t want to spoil it for yourself, then I suggest you don’t read any further. ^^

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Jun first appears in Shinji’s bar, in the “kitchen ninja” scene. Um, I think it’s worth mentioning that you hear him before you see him. XD

He’s er… well, I’m not really sure what he’s doing. He’s yelling with that Australian dude, and they’re holding samurai swords. Yer. They soon stop as Sho walks in, and the Australian dude gives Jun a grin as he… looks Sho up and down. Uh huh.

The conversation then goes as follows (* spoken in Japanese):

Jun and Australian dude: *yelling*
Sho: What are you doing?*
Australian dude: *lifts up sleeve* Sho look, cool tattoo, huh? Jun just looked at it and laughed.
Sho: _ *gives Jun an evil glare*
Jun: *looks away*
Waiter: Sho, tell him what it really means.* (haha… Tetsuro is SO camp! XD)
Sho: It’s a fucking famous ninja’s name in Japan.
Jun and the waiter: *laugh*
Australian dude: *looks at Jun* You see? It’s ninja. Maybe one day I’ll go to Japan and be a ninja.
Rick: *walking by* Things like ninjas no longer exist in Japan…
Australian dude: Rick, don’t lie to me. All Japanese spies are ninjas.
Jun: Idiot, there are no ninjas in…*

Australian dude: My ninja doesn’t exist anymore?
Sho: Okay, I’ll make you a ninja soon.
Australian dude: Really?*
Sho: Really.* *smirk*
Australian dude: *grabs Jun* Waaiii~!
Jun: x__x

Jun is then seen a little while later robbing the sshooooowcase, as Gackt says. A few questions; what is You wearing?? Why is his hair like that? And.. what has he got on his face? ^^; Anyway, he does a lot of bouncing around here and flipping of his hair. It made me laugh when I saw it. XD He then shoots someone, and bounces out the shop with the bag and who I think is the waiter.

Later, Sho’s gang is shot by the bad guys. The way You fell made me laugh; he’s such a dork! It’s pretty much the same as he fell when Gackt “punched” him in the making of the Another World PV… He waves his arms and legs around then flops on his back.

The next scene starts with Jessy (I think that’s her name..) looking at a photo of Sho’s gang at someone’s birthday party. Well, they all have birthday hats on, so, yer. o_O; You has his arm around the Australian dude… awww~ And he never took his onyx bracelet off. ^^