Fansite for You from Gackt's support band

Sending Fanmail

You loves to hear from his fans, so don’t be shy about contacting him! You can either contact him through the post (snail mail) or through his website (online).

Snail Mail

This address is simply Gackt’s fanmail address, however you can direct your mail to You as well.

Gackt Official FANCLUB Dears
Shibuya-yuubinkyoku DOME, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 150-8681

  • Make sure you address it to You (or “YOU”) on the outside of the envelope. For example, add “For YOU/You” as a second line to the address or write the same in the corner and back of the envelope.
  • Put your name and address on the back of the envelope.
  • If you can, get your letter translated into Japanese. I’m not sure which languages You understands. If you can’t translate your letter, see if a friend will help you. Do not use an automatic translation service (e.g. Google Language Tools), as there will be many errors!
  • If you can’t get your letter translated, don’t worry! Just keep your sentences short and easy to understand. I suggest writing in English, as he’s probably most familiar with this than any other foreign language.
  • Include a self-addressed envelope inside your letter (or provide your name and address). You never know, you may get a reply! You could also include other contact details such as your email address.
  • Hand-write your letter if you can. Make sure it’s neat!
  • Do not simply say “I love you!” or “I’m your biggest fan”. Tell him why you’re his fan and what you admire about him.
  • If you want, send him a photograph of yourself (fully clothed and decent!) Or you could send him some fanart, or art in general. As he has a love of photography, you could send him a photo of the city where you live, or your local park or something.


You can contact You online through his BBS. If you sign up to his website, as well being able to interact on the BBS, you’ll also receive emails from the site about updates, h-Darts, etc.