Fansite for You from Gackt's support band


There are several places you can buy Gackt releases online.

My personal favourite is YesAsia and I would recommend them to anyone, anywhere in the world. I have used CD Japan before, however the package took nearly three months to arrive (they had it in stock) and I had to pay extra shipping costs when I received it from the post office. Although, this may have been a one-off. I would use them again with caution. The online experience is fine! They also stock items that you may not find elsewhere.

I do not recommend eBay for Gackt purchases, as there are many bootlegs around. This is certainly the place to find a bargain, though. Just be careful what you’re spending your money on. The general rule for spotting unlicensed Gackt products is anything produced by Miya Records. They often seem (and sometimes are) high-quality, however if the Dears or Nippon Crown logos are not present then it’s likely they’re a bootleg.

Late 2007, some Gackt releases became available in America and Europe. If you can, try to buy products from a more local source rather than importing. This encourages the record companies to sell stuff overseas! If you prefer to download, Gackt’s music is also available through iTunes.


I strongly encourage you to buy any and all of Gackt’s work that you enjoy. Although, not everyone can afford to buy all of his work and therefore you may be a bit choosey. I cannot recommend any of Gackt’s albums, photobooks or DVDs enough. However, there are several products that may satisfy the inner You fan more than others. ~_^


  • MOON – Gackt’s third solo album. There are images of You in the CD booklet.
  • The Seventh Night – Gackt’s ‘unplugged’ album. Wonderful pictures of You and Gackt in the chunky booklet that comes with the CD.


Of course, You appears in all of the concert DVDs so I can’t really single one out. Although, there’s a special place in my heart for Kagen no Tsuki and The Sixth Day and Seventh Night. I believe these are the best concerts so far, so if you can’t decide which concert to buy, I recommend these two! Of course, if you’re keeping up-to-date with Gackt’s new releases, you might enjoy his latest concerts more than these.

You also appears in a video on Soyokaze, however this is a VHS (NTSC).

Don’t forget Moon Child!


I’m not a big fan of photobooks myself, however I couldn’t resist buying a Gackt photobook. I now own four. =_= I always think they’re too expensive just for a load of pictures, but when I look through them I do enjoy it and I certainly don’t regret buying them. If there’s a certain Gackt era you enjoy, do some research on any books he released around that time and get a photobook. ^^

You appears in the following books. Hopefully you could track some down. I suppose I recommend eBay. XD Good luck!

  • Mizerable ~Unmei~ photobook
  • For Dears
  • Jougen no Tsuki Tour Book
  • The Air Moon (The Crescent side)
  • The Gift � The Sixth Day & Seventh Night Tour Book
  • Gackt File 1999-2004
  • DIABOLOS tour book

Platinum Box Sets

These are very expensive pieces of merchandise! Make sure you definitely want it before buying it. They are certainly very nice box sets and are beautifully packaged, but they are just a DVD and a special gift (e.g. a clock). There are loads of bootleg versions floating around, so if you find one for below £20/$30 ish on eBay, then it may not be the real thing. However, most are still available on YesAsia and CD Japan.