Fansite for You from Gackt's support band

Site Information

The site was first opened on 23rd March, 2004. I decided to make a You fan site because, at the time, there were no sites dedicated to him in English. I know on just about every Gackt site there’s a section on JOB, but I have grown to love You just as much as I love Gackt. Although I probably won’t get any more information than any other site, I still wanted to dedicate this to You.

I called it “Forget-me-Not” after looking through my English > Japanese dictionary. It was originally called “Silence and Motion” after the Final Fantasy VIII track, “Silence and Motion”. ^^; I was listening to Wasurenai kara all day, and when I looked up the word “forget” in my dictionary I came across “forget-me-not”.

Special Thanks


+ Torabara; for images, the Starlight Gig screencaps and R&R screencaps.
+ Jirion; for images.
+ Sei-chan; for information, images and lots of other random things.
+ Akiko; for R&R screencaps, icons, images, for the pronunciation of You and for plugging my site everywhere. xD
+ Sari; for images and information.
+ Alexy; for icons.
+ Natalie; for a recording of You’s voice.
+ Kana; for R&R screencaps and being the lovely person that you are.
+ Mitsuki; for the translation of Etude.
+ Chi; for information.
+ Lindley; for screen caps.
Thank you thank you thank you! Also, thank you to all the people that have signed my guestbook, emailed me and just mentioned this site to me.