Fansite for You from Gackt's support band

Staff Members

I’m very busy nearly all the time and can hardly update just once a month. So, to make sure the site isn’t left for too long (like it normally is! ;;), staff members can update with news relating to You. Or anything they want really, as long as it’s relevant! For example: translations, graphics (icons, wallpapers, etc), news and stories. There are no deadlines, no time limits, no pressure at all to update and there’s no limit on the number of staff members. Posts will only appear on the main page, unless you have a specific category (i.e. icons).

If you’re interested in becoming a staff member, please email me at sarah [at] I’ll email you back with more details as soon as I can.

Current Staff Members

The lovely people who help me! Thank you;

Ally: who updates with translations of You’s diary entries & helps me keep everything up to date
Alexa: who updates with news.
Nami: who updates with translations of You’s diary entries.
Liz: who updates with pictures.