All these captures were taken by me, apart from the R&R ones and the Starlight gig ones. Please DON'T take these without asking permission first. Or if you don't want to ask, then at least GIVE CREDIT. Also, if you like what you see; please buy the DVDs! They're so awesome, worth the hefty price tag!

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Mars (live tour 2000)
Requiem et Reminiscence (live tour 2001)
Kagen no tsuki (live tour 2002)
Jougen no tsuki (live tour 2003)
The Sixth Day & Seventh Night (live tour 2004)
Diabolos (live tour 2005)
Training Days Drug Party (live 2006)
Training Days Drug Party Special

Promotional Videos
Moon Child
Platinum Box 5



Uncontrol, Emu ~ for my dear & Mirror [All Night Nippon; Sonna no Arena, August 2003]

U+K (Intro), Papa Lapped a Pap Lopped, Mirror & Another World [All Night Nippon; Sonna no Arena, 21.08.04]

Mizerable [CDTV 10th Anniversary Live Special, 04.02.03]

Mirror & Another World [Digital Dream Live, 01.12.01]

Kimi ni Aitakute [Music Station, 08.10.04]

Kimi ni Aitakute [Sokuhou! Uta no Daijiten, 10.11.04]

Mirror (Seventh Night version) [Bokurano Ongaku]

Starlight Gig 2000

Thank you, Torabara.

Executive Monthly CM & Making of Promotional Video

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